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Frequently asked questions

Is the Basic plan really free?

Yes, the Basic plan is 100% free. We don't even ask for a credit card. We're big fans of the Premium plan, but you can use Basic for as long as you want.

Is there a monthly limit on the number of Slack notifications?

Nope! We want you to make it as easy as possible for you to get notifications about your orders in Slack, which means we will never limit the number of notifications you send for each notification type.

How do I pay for Premium or Elite?

If you upgrade to one of our paid plans, you'll be billed through your Shopify account. It's super easy, takes just two clicks, and you'll unlock more Reporty features.

Can I try Premium or Elite for free?

Yes! If you upgrade to any plan, you will have 14 days to try it completely for free. After that, you will be billed monthly, and you can cancel or downgrade at any time.

How do I change my plan or uninstall Reporty?

If you want to change your plan, just click on the plan that makes the most sense to you, and you're done! To uninstall, click the little trash can next to Reporty on the Apps page in your Shopify dashboard.

What Slack notifications will I get on Basic, Premium, or Elite?

With Basic, you'll be able to trigger the two most important notifications from Shopify to Slack completely for free: order create and order canceled. With Premium, you'll be able to trigger order paid and order fulfilled. Elite unlocks order partially fulfilled and daily, weekly, and monthly summary notifications for new orders.

Why is Shoppy now Reporty?

Shopify required us to rename our app as they felt Shoppy was an infringement on their copyright (🤷🏻‍♂️). So Shoppy is now Reporty! Same functionality, just a slightly different name.