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Hello, Reporty!

· 2 min read

Hello everyone, this is Kristian Freeman from Freeman Labs. I’m pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Reporty, a specialized Shopify app that provides real-time store updates via Slack. This addition aligns with our commitment to simplify and improve e-commerce workflows.

Recent Improvements

Since the acquisition, we've hit the ground running. A series of updates have been rolled out to enhance user experience on Shoppy. We've also initiated the development of new, highly-requested features that will further optimize how you manage your Shopify store.

Support and Documentation

To make the transition smoother and to help you make the most out of Reporty, we have introduced a new support and documentation section. You can find guides, FAQs, and more at

What’s Ahead

Our roadmap is filled with more user-centric updates. Our team is dedicated to making Reporty the go-to app for Shopify store management via Slack. Expect more functionality, better UI, and top-tier support in the coming months.

Here's some of the things we're planning on addressing in the upcoming months:

  • New notification channels: SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Moving to Shopify's "Embedded" app structure
  • Better customization on all notifications
  • Simplification of pricing and plans

Thank you for your continued support and we're excited for what the future holds for Reporty and Freeman Labs.

Best regards,

Kristian Freeman